Transparência, Partilha, Eficácia

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A Maïvas - Real Estate

People, professionals and Maïvas!



The brand Maïvas Real Estate develops a single concept of real estate agencies based on the proximity with the customer.
The origin of the Maïvas brand is inspired by the female talent and creativity for its real capacity to create strong foundations.
The three curves express the female sensuality within the house, where it founds the Calm, Confidence and the desired Security.


Logótipo MaïvasMaïvas is pressed daily on 3 fundamental pillars:


The precision and the clearness of information are the best guarantee of a strong ethics of work, allowing to the actors joint and conscious actions, which is reflected on the decisions taken in total full knowledge of the facts!


The relation between the actors of Real Estate Maïvas is based on comprehension, confidence and courtesy shared between all. It is established a true climate of mutual credibility, where the division of success is always present in a logic of winner-winner, all winners!


Allows to build relations based on professionalism and rigour, like major element in the continuation of the best results for all the implied parts, so that they are able to reach the set objectives.


The professionals of Real Estate Maïvas, are and will be always at your sides to ensure the success of your real estate project with passion!


Today and always with you!


The Maïvas team